Voting - Psychology of the "Bandwagon" effect

The Psychology of “Bandwagon effect” relates, sometimes, in Voting too. You’ve all understood this to some degree, even if you hadn’t thought about it consciously. You’ve seen it in some Presidential Races where the Voting in the Eastern States; a Landslide effect seems to be occurring, which then becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, some would argue this explains Reagan’s landslides but it goes both ways; which has some change a vote or not vote, skewing the Final numbers (also explains some ‘piling on’ effect in Polls). This can, and does, happen within States also, effecting Political Party control within States.

Stepping back. Some people are so wishy-washy. They believe in very little, if anything other than coasting through life, or nothing at all. They want to “fit in.” Think about how easily it happens in the world of Sports, you see people jumping on the Bandwagon of a Team they hadn’t cared anything about, but now that a Championship is in sight they are there professing their loyalty and support.

Pathetic, but the Psychology is the same!! This “Bandwagon effect” also appears in many more aspects of life, but it just doesn’t get the examination (aside from some Social-Psychology classes). It is this effect that the MSM uses.

Those types of people are the ones most susceptible to the MSM attempts to shape/shift a Political Race as opposed to just reporting (truthfully and impartially, as they are supposed to) about it. It is for this reason only, that the Polls do have SOME effect and they know it. That is why they go out of their way to “weight” the Polls, shape the questioning in the Polls, etc… that provides the desired, rather than honest reaction, outcome of who/what is actually considered a favorite and by what actual percentage points. Everyone knows that you can shape an outcome by the wording you use to construct the Poll and if the Pollsters use people putting some, intended or unintended, inflection/emphasis (exposing the Pollster’s bias, in this case it may not even be the overall Polling organizations bias but that of the individuals asking) into the question while doing the Polling.

We have seen, more than ever, in this Race the MSM setting aside its integrity and just gushing over the most Left leaning (at least, in record and while being honest in his Primaries admissions) candidate the country has ever seen, at worst, or at best, being all caught up in Racism (yes, that’s the right word) and whether or not THEY (the MSM) can make history, rather than report it as it happens. For some it is just the same-ole Liberal bias, for others it (IMO) has become an extension of their Liberal Political Correctness in that they must promote Obama because of his Race (for fear that they would be perceived as Racist). Again, simply pathetic and inexcusable Psychology. Political Correctness has so corrupted the definition of what Racism is, and allows such distraction with all the unfounded accusations of same.

Some, like John Murtha (D-PA) are (IMO) purposefully attempting (as well as Obama himself in making, or implying, the Racist suggestion of/against those who oppose him) when he calls “Western PA Racist,” to tap into the Psychology of bullying someone into voting for a “Black man” just because he is “Black” as somehow proof to themselves and the world they are not Racist. This is as bad as anyone that IS RACIST voting against a candidate based on Race, and distorts the issue(s) of Race and Racism in the country – it is NOT an honest dialog, as we’ve heard for so many years we “need to have.”

We don’t see this in Republican campaigns; IMO for the most part, but there are always fringe nut-cases in any grouping of people; because we do take to heart MLK jr’s words about it being ALL ABOUT the “content of one’s Character” and NOT the color of one’s skin.

It has been shown that there CAN BE (not always a guarantee) that a “Bradley effect” occurs. Likewise, however, there can be the inverse, in that some may be planning on voting or Obama (in some aspects, in relation to being convinced by the Murtha type comments) and not willing to state such because of their demographic (IMO, much less a phenomena, but just my opinion I have no study to cite). Is this the “White Guilt effect?” or is this something different?

Beyond that, back to the relationship of the “Bandwagon effect.” Part of the supposed “Bradley effect” can possibly be explained, if proper study done, to my point that some may stay home from the polls if they’d been convinced of the out-come and convince themselves to not go out and vote. Also explains how/why so many polls fail/backfire, if you think about it.

It is for all these reasons that Conservatives, Republicans, and McCain/Palin supporters (not all necessarily one in the same) must not allow themselves to be discouraged and talked out of getting out to vote. The MSM wants to demoralize you and get you to not show up and cast the vote for any Republican candidates, now or ever, and you must keep your friends, family, etc… just as firm in their resolve.

With all that, I’ll open the floor to anyone that may wish to expound upon, or refute, my notion of the Psychology of the Bandwagon effect and the MSM’s attempt to use Polls (and their blatantly biased coverage to/for Obama BinBiden – it is, of course, not always what they report, but what they COVER-UP on behalf of their candidate) to shape the outcome using these mind-game tactics.

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