Can John Spratt hide from his own words any longer?

For the first time in history, the Congressional Budget Committee has not submitted a Budget. The last time some thing close to this occurring was in 2006. When the Republicans who controlled both houses had submitted two different budgets and each passed in there perspective houses but they could not initially get it agreed upon in reconciliation.

Sen. Conrad and Congressman John Spratt on September 27th, 2006 decided to hold a “News Conference” to really hammer home the short comings of the Republicans that year and the apparent inability to  get the budget passed prior to the 2007 fiscal year starting on October 1st.

We have all heard by now the famous quote from John Spratt from that speech “If you can’t budget, you can’t govern”. Well that is pretty tough talk coming from the soon to be Chairman of the Congressional Budget Committee.

What I find most interesting is that Congressman Spratt then followed with the statement that no one seems to remember. It does not make good sound bites, but I find it very damning if Congressman Spratt truly meant what he said.

“There’s an old political adage: If you can’t budget, you can’t govern. In a parliamentary system, it’s more than an adage. In a parliamentary system traditionally if the majority party cannot pass a budget, does not pass a budget, it’s an occasion for dissolution of the parliament.

That’s how central it is to the operation of any government to have a budget. That’s how central it is to the definition of any effective governing body, political party, in determining whether or not they’ve done the job they were elected to do, to have a budget to prove it.”

Apparently, having a budget is pretty important to Congressman Spratt as it absolutely should be. He  later stated that he would give the Republicans a Curved Score of a D for the budget.

My question is this to Congressman Spratt are as follows.

A) How is President Obama supposed to freeze spending levels next year based upon a budget that does not exist?

B)  How would Congressman Spratt grade HIS budget for Fiscal year 2011, based upon the same criteria he graded the 2007 Fiscal Budget?

C) Based upon Congressman Spratt’s remarks, how effective has this current Governing body, political party been in doing the job they were elected to do, seeing how there is NO budget to prove it?

D) How will the Government tackle the continuing out of control debt with out having a Budget to work from?

and finally

E) How will the Government be able to run effectively with out a Budget that you are required by law to have submitted?

Here is the link to the Transcripts of that News Conference held on September 27th, 2006


Read and decide for yourself. I invite Congressman Spratt to please address these questions.