Why the Living Hell of White House Life is Not Just Michelle Obama’s

The amphetamine was administered intravenously.  Responding to his brother’s criticisms about such medication, he responded, “I don’t care if it’s horse piss.  It works.”  Indeed, JFK did make ample use of controlled substances, be it speed or procaine.  Yet when you consider that JFK dealt perpetually with everything from a nerve-racking nuclear showdown, to civil unrest in the southern U.S., as well as debilitating back problems, the Commander-in-Chief’s unconventional means of coping may be excusable.

Unlike JFK, who, as a means of soothing his back, famously incorporated a rocking chair into the Oval Office decor, Barack Obama shoots hoops, swims, and can occasionally be seen on the cover of a tabloid, abs and all.  The time President Obama spends golfing and vacationing with his family is unprecedented for presidents—and he is only halfway through his first term.

Given all of these luxurious comforts Obama is enjoying, one can only assume that however easy he has it (as the President), his family has it even better.  That being the case, it is shocking to hear the First Lady’s reputed description of her White House role:  “It’s hell,” adding, “I can’t stand it.” 

Apologies in advance for echoing what others in the conservative media have already asked, but the question takes on fresh relevance:  Is Barack Obama in over his head?  True—the president himself is not the one who supposedly uttered said words, but given the indulgent lifestyle President Obama and his family are known to be leading in the White House, such an egregious complaint from her must reflect something worse for the president.  If the First Lady’s own despondent sentiments do not cross president’s mind, they are most likely emanating from there.  Someone is bringing their work home, and all of the vacations in the world cannot alleviate the burden.

I want to put forth a prediction—not with a significant degree of certainty, but something to ruminate on.  Could it be that Barack Obama has already pledged to himself a swift end to this misery?  I could envision—á la LBJ-style—the president taking a long hard look at the disarray of his own party, the falling approval ratings, and David Letterman’s mockery, and deciding it’s just not worth it.  Remember—thin-skinned Obama knew only euphoria and baseless praise as he ascended the halls of power.  The president’s psychological makeup simply is not conditioned to handle the onslaught of criticism that began to crescendo in 2009.  He got healthcare passed, it’s time to move along. 

The First Lady’s words were not just a shallow reference to her having been given the wrong bottled water—they are indicative of familial and occupational strife for not just her, but her husband as well.