Conservatism will die...

And Redstate will lead the way.

A little bit of background is in order for the notion of "co-opting."  It’s nothing new in terms of political parlor tricks; it just goes by different names.  The most recent incarnation is Dick Morris and his strategy of "triangulation."  But what is really happens is that your opponent takes your argument away from you, redefines it, then presents it on his own terms.

That has happened, not only to the Tea Party movement (and yes it’s happening right in front of your eyes as well), but now has stretched into one of the last true bastions of conservative discussions – Red State.

By way of full disclosure, I am what you would probably call a lurker.  I get my morning Redstate email, read the articles, and generally enjoy the discussion.  But I do not comment frequently, let alone have a diary.

But what is happening here is so predictable, so utterly foreseeable, that it will go down as a Saul Alinsky textbook example of how to identify, isolate, and neutralize your opponent. It is so plainly obvious, and completely missed by Redstate (and by extension you), that I had to speak out.

And ask that you consider a question. And also ask that you put down your daffodils, put your panties back on, and stop your celebration of the liberals being so angry about Erick Erickson getting a job at CNN. Then ask if you really believe that CNN wants Mr. Erickson’s opinion. That you was hired because CNN really felt you would make a great addition to their lineup.

With all due respect to Mr. Erickson, I know you have bills to pay, CNN is a great gig, etc. I also know that you have been one of the biggest thorns in the side of every liberal, RINO bovine excrement artist, and non-conservative, second hander, looter and pillager member of the body politic.

I also know that’s why you’re at CNN now. They want to shut you up, and have done so quite remarkably. My four-year-old nieces put more passion into their potty breaks than you’ve put into your articles lately.

And the results do show. The passion of the opposition to Obamacare – gone. The passion to the complete takeover of private industry and business – gone. Right now, we conservatives do not have the passion to create a beer fart at a Texas chili cook-off, let alone try and turn something around in November. And your pretender-to-the-conservative-movement-until-it-gets-me-something-better did not help. With people like you in the conservative movement I might as well have supported McCain.

So thanks for the tamer, kinder, and lazier Redstate, that CNN will love. Thanks loads, Co-opt boy. BTW way, leave your conservative credentials at the door, as you won’t be needing them anymore, if you truly deserved them at all.