America not ready for Ken Salazars unbalanced energy plan

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Colorado Senator Ken Salazar spoke to an energy forum of the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States. He called for a “balanced national energy policy” and dismissed claims he is against drilling and exploration in the United States. He told his critics to just turn it “down a couple decibels.”

He pointed to the fact that when he became Colorado’s natural resources director in 1990, there were 11,000 energy jobs in the state. He claims we have been successful in building the energy industry in Colorado because now there are 36,000 such jobs.

The response from oil and gas companies: “I think the industry feels he could be more helpful,” said Doug Hock, spokesman for EnCana Oil & Gas (USA).

But here are the facts:

  1. Ken Salazar with Congressman Mark Udall and Governor Bill Ritter worked to block leasing for natural gas exploration on the Roan Plateau.
  2. Ken Salazar has been persistently working to block development of Colorado’s vast oil shale reserves. He sponsored a bill that attempted to block the release of final regulations on oil shale development. There are an estimated 800 billion barrels of oil locked in the ground here in Colorado.
  3. In July, Salazar wrote a Washington Post editorial called The Heedless rush to Oil Shale in which he argued that we should put off oil shale development because the energy companies developing methods to extract this oil are “still years away from knowing whether this technology can cost-effectively produce oil on a commercial scale.” What he didn’t note is that the reason they are so far away is because Senator Salazar, Congressman Mark Udall and others have been blocking regulations which would free up oil companies to do more research.

It is disingenuous for Senator Salazar to claim his is for drilling when he is against it. A recent YouTube video makes it very clear that his true agenda is to block all energy development under any circumstances.