Obama Still Voting 'Present'

Before he left for his Asia vacation trip, President Barack Husein Obama (mmm, mmm, mmm) scheduled a ‘jobs summit’ for next month. Since he’s been president, Mr. Obama has had many summits. He’s had a ‘beer summit’ to cure race relations, a Health care summit to solve health care, a stimulus summit, and a fiscal responsibility summit. What have these summits produced? Short answer: nothing. Long answer: great photo-ops for the sycophantic media to drool over the President and make it look like he’s doing something when he’s actually doing nothing.

When I heard about this jobs summit, I couldn’t help but think of a New York Times article I read from December of 2007. The article was titled, “It’s Not Just ‘Ayes’ and ‘Nays’: Obama’s Votes in Illinois Echo.” It was an article about how State Senator Obama often voted ‘present’ on controversial issues instead of ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Basically, voting ‘present’ was a way for Obama to avoid voting one way or another on controversial issues. Issues like weather a juvenile should be tried an adult or weather it’s okay to kill a live baby after a botched abortion. (Oh wait, he voted yes on that.)

Now that Mr. Obama is President he no longer has the option of voting present. President Bush called himself the ‘decider’ and that’s essentially what the President is, but President Obama seems to be uncomfortable making decisions about anything, unless it’s fits his statist agenda, without dithering for weeks or months. (Afghanistan, for example.) Unemployment has been falling since he became President and he is just now ‘deciding’ to not decide to do anything about it.

These summits are his way of voting ‘present’ as President. It turns out Hillary Clinton was right, Obama is a ‘talker’ and not a ‘doer.’