Why Jewish Voters should fear Obama?

Jewish voters should fear Obama’s natural instincts.

Obama has a natural instinct that sometimes gets him into trouble. For example, the “bitter” remark originated from Obama’s natural instinct. He has for years and years drank coffee and wine with fellow liberal thinkers and I am sure that they have ingrained into his brain that philosophic view that some voters, especially non-liberal voters, are dumb and ill-informed. So he made the “bitter” remark from his sub-conscious without thinking about it. When Obama does not have a teleprompter in his face then he seems to stutter in his speech with many pauses. He is fighting his natural instinct and trying to generate a political statement instead of his natural response statement.

For years, Obama has years hanged around anti-Israel ranting haters. His spiritual mentor obviously has a low regard for the state of Israel. Also, obviously Obama has heard anti-Israel remarks often from that spiritual mentor. Obama’s church has Hamas anti-Israel material in the church lobby. There is picture of Obama and his wife sitting with extreme anti-Israel Professor Said at Said’s keynote speech. There is a poll that says over 70% of blacks are either anti-Semitic or somewhat anti-Semitic. I am sure many people have heard from their black friends the unpleasant words that they speak about Israel. One should assume that Obama’s natural instinct is to have a dim view of Israel, too.

(Poll about anti-Semitic views in USA http://www.adl.org/antisemitism/2002/assurvey.pdf)

An example of this natural instinct is his speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 2008 Policy Conference where he says, “The Palestinians need a state that is contiguous and cohesive, and that allows them to prosper.” I hope he did not mean that for how can a Palestine state be contiguous without making Israel non-contiguous. Could this be something that he has heard in his years of anti-Israel indoctrination? Did his natural instinct trigger him to make this mistake?

Another example is that he put down the Likud Party. Why would he offend potential Jewish voters in the USA by that remark? Again, I believe that is coming from his natural instinct that comes from years of hearing anti-Israel rants.

I understand why Jewish voters traditionally vote for Democrats. The Jewish religions tend to believe in that the community is supposed to take care of community. Unfortunately, many Jewish people might think the government instead of private entities, like churches, should do that work. Therefore, they tend to vote for Democrats.

Also for survival reasons, I understand why Jewish voters need to have a leadership role in the Democratic Party. With a large portion of the black Democrats not giving full support to Israel must be troubling to Jewish voters. They need to keep the Jewish leadership in the Democratic Party strong to counteract that strong anti-Israel tendency in the Democratic Party’s rank and file.

Yes, the Jewish voter still needs to have a significant role in the Democratic Party but this year the Jewish voter should at least ponder Obama’s anti-Israel roots and his natural instincts. What will be his natural instinct when is confronted with an Israeli request to bomb Iranian nuclear sites? Is that a risk worth taking as a Jewish voter?

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