Palin's Kangaroo Court

  1. The Democrat State Senator running the investigation has said that the investigation will be an October surprise and will be damaging to Palin. How does he know that unless the outcome is already planned by him?

  2. The lead investigator and the Democrat State Senator in-charge of the investigation have a conflict of interest because both are friends with the commissioner that Palin fired. Neither man disclosed this fact before the investigation started.

  3. There is a picture of the three top Democratic investigators meeting in Obama’s Alaska headquarters.

  4. The lead investigator has expanded the investigation beyond its authorized scope and has opened a tip line to get any rumors and gossip of dirt to add to his report.

  5. The investigator is planning to use testimony from known anti-Palin political enemies that are offering 3rd party hearsay that is not support by any other evidence.

  6. The final report will be written by the same Democratic State Senator that has already has found Palin guilty before he has received a report from the lead investigator.

  1. The investigator is conducting secret depositions that Palin’s lawyer will not be able to see until after the report is released by the bias Democrat State Senator.

  2. The trooper has already admitted to tasering his own step-son but he has never been charge on assault charges or disciplined for that tasering.