Obama Ashamed of his Ethics Bill

Supposedly, Obama is the chief co-sponsor of the Illinois Ethics Reform Bill that passed.

It is strange that you rarely if ever hear Obama brag about it.

Here is why.

Obama was not the author of the bill.

He did not work on the bill in any committee for the five months that it worked its way through the process.

He was not even listed as a co-sponsor of the Illinois Ethics Reform Bill until after the second reading of the bill which was on the day it passed.

Obama’s mentor, Emil Jones, was president of the Illinois senate and Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s enforcer (both Democrats). Jones made Obama the chief co-sponsor the bill after the 2nd reading on the day that the bill passed.

That “ethics” bill allowed Obama’s mentor Emil Jones to convert over $500,000 in campaign funds for personal use when Jones retired the very next year.

I think it is an excellent example of Obama’s accomplishments as a state senator.

No wonder we never hear Obama parading this accomplishment.Even on his campaign site where he talks about his state senator time, there is no mention of this bill and I see why.