Will America Lose this War?

America might lose the war if McCain does not succeed on the below battlefields.

Economic Battleground

McCain must communicate these two points to win the economic argument battle.

1) Energy – McCain must promote his “All-the-above” plan and he MUST say that it is foolish for the USA to keep trillions of dollars of oil and gas locked up. It is foolish to send trillions in cash to foreign countries.

It is very important for McCain to highlight the “trillions of dollars of oil and gas”.

2) Pro-Growth – McCain needs to show off his pro-growth economic plan. McCain will increase incentives for capital job growth investments. Obama is increasing taxes on capital job growth investments. McCain’s plan will create jobs. Obama’s plan will kill private sector jobs and create more government.

Divide the Enemy

We need to also do some insurgency attacks. Crazy left-wingers might abandon Obama if they believe that Obama will actually one day attack Iran or support Israel attacking Iran. We should praise Obama for his “hawkish” stand on Iran. Obama has said that he will use the military option if all the other options failed with Iran. Some polls have indicated that this might drive down Obama’s turn-out.

Reform Battleground

Obviously, McCain and Palin have excellent reform experience, but McCain needs to make sure that the undecided voters know about Obama’s ties to crooks. Obama had the biggest crook in South Chicago as a core fundraiser for years. That crook helped Obama buy a house. All those years in South Chicago and Obama never saw one crook.