Obama solves America's Energy crises

Obama has a game plan to solve USA’s energy problem.

It is called the 240% solution.

Obama will rely heavily on solar power and wind which are currently very expensive generators of energy. The brand new Solar One plant southwest of Las Vegas produces energy at 240% times the current market price of energy. It is the most efficient solar power plant in the world. I guess Obama’s plan is to double our power bills.

McCain desires to have a more diversified approach to energy with additional reliance on cheap coal and nuclear power. McCain also wants to invest in R & D in solar and wind to bring down their cost.

Obama also wants everybody to buy the new plug-in Chevrolet Volt which is projected to cost $48,000 a year. It will be a tiny car that will get around 55 miles per gallon and will be needed to be plug-in each night for 4 to 6 hours. The payback on buying the Volt vs. buying a tiny regular gas car is over 30 years.

McCain wants more R & D so that one day we provide more cost effective solutions to our transportation needs. During that period of R & D, McCain wants to do more drilling. The USA has trillions of dollars of oil and gas that is locked up by Obama and his Democratic friends. It does not make sense to send trillions of cash to foreign countries when we have the resources here.

Obama often talks about the need for Americans to sacrifice. I see now that he wants us to sacrifice our wallets. The result of these Obama solutions will be higher cost of goods, lower standard of living and net job lost.

Obama’s has a tax plan to heavily increase taxes on capital investments that create jobs. Combine Obama’s tax plan with Obama’s energy plan then I guess Obama is trying his best to destroy the American economy.

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