Senator Reid: The Best Senator in the World

Senator Reid represents Nevada.

He is the best senator in the whole wide world.

Senator Reid does an excellent job in helping Nevada’s needs.

For example, high gas prices are killing the gaming industry in Nevada. Less people are driving from California into Nevada. Also, the airlines have cut a serious number of flights into Las Vegas. Gaming stock has fallen by 20%. Construction projects are failing left and right. Unemployment is at an all-time time. Reid has done nothing. If fact, he is against any new drilling. I guess he does not care about jobs in Nevada.

Nevada is ranked near the bottom at getting Federal dollars for k-12 education. We get half of what New Mexico gets. Perhaps, one day the busy Senator Reid will focus on this problem in between meetings with MoveOn.org.The Federal government is trying to build a nuclear waste storage system some 100 miles north of Las Vegas at Yucca Mountain. Both Nevada Republican and Nevada Democratic parties are against funding. Reid is second most powerful Democrat in DC. Reid is supposedly against Yucca. Every Democratic presidential candidate swears that the Democrats are against Yucca. The Democrats control both the US House and US Senate and…susprise…surprise….Yucca Mountain still gets funding.

The world’s best senator has several family members who are lobbyist in DC. Being lobbyist and a close family member to the second most powerful Democrat in DC seems to have a tremendous impact on one’s earning potential. His lobbyist family members are busy beavers earning millions of dollars each year in DC.

As you can see, we are extremely proud of our favorite son, Senator Reid.We hope that continues his success in whatever he is doing. Hopefully, one day Nevada’s citizens will also reap in that success. We are waiting.