Stupid Republicans – You Should Listen to Obama

Obama is a very wise man. We all should listen to his words.

Obama has a plan to save our planet by getting people to buy Hybrid Plug-in cars. These are cars that work off of large batteries and also gas fuel. One will have to plug-in the car at night to recharge the batteries. These cars are in development and are not due out until 2010-2011.

Chevrolet has a “moon shot” program that is developing a car called, Volt. This car will be a Hybrid Plug-in E85 fuel car.It will be a very small four door car.

It will only cost $48,000. The car will get around 55 miles to the gallon on the highway.

It will be very limited in electronics for that will add weight and drain the battery.

A similar small gas car cost around $20,000 and gets around 30 miles to the gallon on the highway.

One positive is the economics of the car. The payback for the fuel savings is over 30 years. That means if one keeps the car for over 30 years then they will break even for not buying a regular gas car.

The other positive is that driving range of the Volt will be around 400 miles. After 400 miles then you will need to pull over, plug-in the car and wait 6-8 hours to recharge and then go on your marry way. That is very convenient when going on long vacation trips. No longer will we have to put up with the very short 10 minute fill-up. In the future, one will be able to take a very long nap (but not in the car…you may drain the battery).

Another positive is there will be a tremendous demand on the electrical power grid. The taxpayers will have to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on new power plants and expensive high power transmission lines. This expenditure of hundreds of billions of taxpayer money will create jobs.

I think it is only fair that the Democrats get to purchase these cars first. They should be eager to fork out the $48,000 and start receiving all the benefits mention above.

Hopefully, they will purchase enough of these cars to reduce demand for gas. That should result in lower gas prices.

I guess those stupid Republicans will have to drive the regular cheap gas cars. The Republicans will have to wait until the technology matures and the price of the car comes down and the features of the car go up.