Obama is a forward thinker.

Obama is a forward thinker.

He was once against FISA but now voted for it.

He once was for removing all the troops in Iraq but is now saying that he will keep troops there. In fact, one of his key advisors is recommending keeping up to 80,000 troops.He once said that Iraq is hopeless, but now is saying that Iraq is so stable that the generals will agree to remove a significant number of combat brigades over a 16 month period. I guess he is saying that Bush won the war.

He was once against offshore drilling but now he is kind of for it but also says that he is really against it. This is proof of his forward thinking skills. He can be on both sides of an issue at the same time.

I hope that one day he will change his outlook on voters that do not vote for him. Perhaps he will no longer consider them bitter people who cling to guns and religion to deal with their problems.

One more thing, he once said that adding more offshore drilling to supply, not now not 6-10 years from now, would have any impact on gas prices.Now he is saying that releasing 500,000 daily barrels from the national oil reserve will have a significant impact on gas prices.

Wow….his forward thinking skills are amazing!!!!!