Obama Santa Claus – 150 million mythical Hybrid Plug-ins

Obama Santa Claus has promised over 150 million mythical Hybrid Plug-in cars to be on road by 2015 (6 years from 2009). The car does not exist today but is in development. The car is expected to go into production until 2010-2011. That means that Obama has to sell 30 million of his mythical cars per year in the US. In 2007, there were only 16 million cars sold in the US. I guess that means some people will be forced to buy a car. Perhaps, the local Hybrid Plug-in Nazi will round up potential buyers. Also, it is very doubtful that car production of the Hybrid Plug-in cars will be anything near 30 million a year. I believe the high end expectations are around 2 million a year.

The cars will be very small 4 door cars. The cars will cost from $30,000 to $48,000. That is two or three times the price of a regular gas car of the same small size and low luxury. As you can see, this will hit the consumer in the pocketbook. Even if gas is at $6.00 per gallon, the payback in fuel savings is beyond 20 years.

The cars will still use fuel of some sort. The Volt will use E85 fuel.The range of the cars is not known for that is dependent on well they develop the batteries. It could be 350 miles or 600 miles. You will need to recharge the car after that. It will take between 2 to 8 hours to recharge depending again on what type of battery technology gets developed and what type of electric outlet you have.

You will need to recharge the car every day. Not everybody has access to outdoor electrical outlets that can be charge back to the consumers, like condo and apartment dwellers. New infrastructure will be needed to deal with that. Also, theft of electrical energy from unsecured outlets will become a problem which will require even more money.

The current power grid struggles with adding just enough capacity to meet current demands. Adding 150 million daily charging cars to that grid will require a tremendous growth in capacity. That new capacity requirement will cost hundreds of billions in new power plant creation and high power transmission lines.

It will cost the consumer and the taxpayer (which is the same person) an enormous amount of money.

At some point in time, there will be a large number of these very large batteries that will be needed to be disposed of. The cost of that has not been discussed either.

Obviously Obama Santa Claus is a very foolish person. A slower approach is much wiser which will allow the technology to mature and to bring the cost down.

Here are some articles used for research on the topic.