Aluminum Foil Hat Time: Is it just me, or is the internet getting dramatically slower?

Yes, I know, JimmyGee take off that damn foil hat! Please hear me out. Recently, the government reclassified the internet as a “utility.” Now they can add all sorts of user taxes, and regulate the living crap out of it. After all, regulation (and taxes) are the ONLY things the government excels at! Since this reclassification, I have noticed dramatically slower internet speeds. Search times are taking much longer, as well as page refreshes. Even at work were they have at least a T-3 line, if not a high-speed fiber connection to the internet.  That said, I myself do not make a viable statistical model.  So I am asking Red State readers, have you noticed lower internet speeds?

Now I am going to go outside and make sure the government does not take over my ditch. Because the water in it is now government regulated!