Gay Rights: We will be made to not only care, but to watch

Eric has coined the phrase regarding gay rights as, “being made to care.” That has proven to be very true. But that is not enough. In the media, all sorts of programming has homosexual relationships being acted out on our television screens. In the show “How to get away with Murder,” there is a male central character that seems to always have a scene where he and another male character passionately make out.

Now from across the pond, the series “Call the Midwife,” has to show their support for gay rights. For those of you that don’t know about this show, it is from a book of the same title, “Call the Midwife,” about midwifes in the UK several years after World War II delivering babies in a poor part of London. It starts in the late fifties, and now it is in the early 60’s. The first two years were very good. The BBC really puts on some great programing that is very historically accurate and really well acted. Call the Midwife was no less, until this season, it’s third.

Two plot lines this season were very contrived and totally unrealistic for the time period. First was about a patient’s husband who was caught in a community men’s bathroom in a sting operation looking for homosexual men that frequent the area. He played a car mechanic working in his father-in-laws auto garage. He was always clean and tidy, and he “smelled great.” The foreshadowing was unmistakable. Once outed by the police, the couple go from being ostracized, to still being married, and “accepted” in the community. Maybe now, yes, that could happen, but early 1960’s? Hardly.

Then they had to have one of the main characters, Patsy Mount played by Emerald Fennell, come out as being lesbian. The problem is that no where in the book was there such a person, and in season two, she was all boy crazy, and there was no foreshadowing in the plotline that she was just “acting” boy crazy. Then out-of-the-blue, a tertiary character, (that is so tertiary that I cannot even find her in WWW.IMDB. COM) is professing her love for Patsy and they need to move in together! They even include a scene were some nice young man wants to buy the two cake while they are sitting at a table together, of course said tertiary character has to get aggressive with the nice young male suitor and hiss at him, “we don’t eat cake!” Bravo! So now we know which one is the “man” of the duo. Dear Lord!

As a nurse, and as a World War II history fan, I found “Call the Midwife” not only entertaining with fine acting and writing, but from the medical and the historical aspects of the UK post WWII, I found fascinating! For example, I never realized just how war-ravaged the UK was! They had to rebuild whole cites, towns, and infrastructure. We in the United States did not have that problem, it was boom times. As a country, we were able to just move forward with very little, if any damage to our homeland (for many of the men and women coming back from the war, it was an entirely different matter). The contrast between the UK and the USA was striking indeed. Moreover, the emergency health care system was equally as stark with the United States having a much more comprehensive health care system than that of the UK.

As a nurse, I know there were homosexuals throughout history. It just saddens me that liberal producers, writers, and actors have to go to extremes to “show us” what homosexuality actually looks like. Especially when I didn’t care to see in the first place. Also, the storyline that is forsaken from a really good book just so they can clumsily insert a contorted homosexual storyline just to make a point.

We will be made to care. We will be sued, and fined until we do. Now, we will be made to watch.