So who will start a GoFundMe for Christians?

Recently, a GoFundMe account was shut down by “Social Justice Warriors” that was taking donations for a Christian bakery, Sweet Cakes. They have been hit with a perposterous $135,000 fine for not making a wedding cake for a homsexual couple’s “wedding”! Last I checked, before the account was closed by GoFundMe, they had about $110,000 that would have gone towards the fine.

I have come to believe that most companies based in the United States will cave to SJW tactics. In a way, who could blame them if they could make a problem go away by deleteing an account, or refusing to serve a customer base? As Christians, and Christian based companies, we do not have that option. It is our calling to follow scripture.

As Christians, we are quickly becoming singled-out for attack. The Memories Pizzeria in Indiana is a perfect example of such attacks. A news reporter from a po-dink news station no one ever heard of, had one of their crack reporters get the owners of Memories Pizza with a gottcha quesstion in which the owner stated in front of camera that she would not cater a homosexual wedding because of her Christian beliefs. Then all hell breaks loose causing the pizzeria to shut down for several days amid very public death threats. Never mind the fact that not many gay or straight couples would serve  pizza at their wedding.

I just checked the GoFundMe account for Memories Pizza; it raised 842,432 from 29,160 people in 25 days! That is $28.89 dollars contributed per person, and $33,697.28 dollars per day! Those are impressive numbers! Christians support Christians. The SJW cannot allow such support to stand. They cannot have the effect they want to bully Christians if Christians are able to support each other so easily. So they attacked GoFundMe and shut down support for Sweet Cakes.

We need to start a Christan based version of GoFundMe, and soon. A on-line funding company that will stand up to SJW and their tactics. A way for Christians to easily support other Christians. We need to show the world that Christians will not be bullied or silenced.

We either stand together, or we fall alone.