I am a number 2 pencil

I am a number 2 pencil. I am a classic. I have been used to fill in the circles on standardized tests. I have done countless hours of homework, and letters to Grandma. I have been used, by the Russians, to write in space. (NASA, by default, found me too low tech. So they spent millions designing a pen that will write inverted, and in zero-gravity). I have a limited amount of graphite, and eraser. I need to be sharpened often, because I will loose my fine, sharp point. If I am not sharpened often, I loose my point, I become dull, to the point where I can no longer communicate. My eraser is limited too. If I make too many mistakes, I can no longer correct them. Worse, if my eraser gets too worn down, the metal edge that affixes my eraser to my body may rip the paper that I am writing on. As a pencil, there is no greater offense than to rip the paper I am using to communicate on.

I am a number 2 pencil. I am not a pen. That is not my lot in life. I am far more organic than a pen. I am certainly not one of those fancy, expensive fountain pens the rich and powerful use to sign their names on documents. Important documents! I dream of being a fountain pen, where just my being brought out and displayed for those select few to see me before I sign some very important document speaks to who I am, that is, I AM IMPORTANT!

Soon, we will have to pick another fountain pen to rule over us number 2 pencils. One fountain pen decided while she was Secretary of State, a very high position for any fountain pen, that she could create her own unsecured computer network so us simple number 2 pencils would not know what she was doing. She does not seem particulary worried that her ink will be drained, or her fine point cut. In fact she now jokes about it. That is one very important fountain pen! IMPORTANT!

But alas, I am a number 2 pencil.

If too much pressure is exterted on me, my point will be dulled unnecessarily qucikly. Same goes with my eraser. If too much pressure is used, it just leave pieces of my eraser all over the paper making a mess. It may also rip the paper, again, a cardinal sin among us number 2 pencils.

In the past 6 years, my pencil has been dulled, my eraser has been worn down. As a simple number 2 pencil, I cannot keep up with the latest current scandals and lawlessness coming from the “land of expensive and important fountain pens.” First it was “Fast and Furious,” then it was using the IRS to attack citizens who’s ideas differed from the current users of the expensive and important fountain pens. We have a very important fountain pen that is the attorney for all of the land. He is in contempt of Congress, another place where expensive and important fountian pens congregate. Yet he is still writing. It’s not that the offenses of Fast and Furious are over, on the contray, they has never been resolved. I may be a simple number 2 pencil, but I know what is happening. As time rolls on like a snowball on a hill, it just gets added to the litany of other scandals, all rolling downhill faster and faster, getting larger as it goes.

In case you didn’t know, us number 2 pencils don’t relate well with snowballs. We have little in common, if anything at all in common with them. We cannot write on them, and they are wet, and ruin our erasers. So, snowballs are an effective, but simple, weapon against us number 2 pencils.

As a number 2 pencil, I am tired. Exhausted really.  As a group, I would say that our exhaustion boarders on being numb. I think, that is how the expensive and important fountain pens want us to be. I am tired of the scandals, the lies, the spin, the deceptions, and ommissions. I am tired of the contempt that is directed towards us number 2 pencils by the expensive and important fountain pens that make the rules, though they do not live by them. The rules are just for use simple number 2 pencils. I marvel at their arrogance as to tell us that they know better than us, that they don’t even read what they use to rule us with. Because as expensive and important fountain pens that they are, they have less expensive and important fountain pens write the laws for them. They are called lobbyists.

I am tired of my point getting dulled because there is so much pressure needed to be heard by the fountain pens. If, by chance my message gets heard, they just throw my message in one of the downhill traveling snowballs. Paper does not fair much better than pencils against snowballs.

I am tired of wondering if I have enough graphite to get through the next twenty or so months, not to mention my eraser. I am tired of living in fear that the fountain pens will take away the shapeners so that my point will be dulled to the point that I will be silenced.

It’s not easy being a number 2 pencil. Not easy at all.