An open letter to Jeb Bush

To Jeb Bush,

It is one thing to actually be a one-percenter, be born choking on a diamond encrusted, gold plated, spoon. But those alone do not make you President. It is comforting for you to know that when you were born, your life was all planned out; the right schools, the right friends, the right jobs, the right cars, boats, vacation homes, but they do not make you President. It is another thing to have your Father, and brother be President, but they do not make you President. We do. You know, the People. We the People, the ones that had to put up with, endure the likes of [mc_name name=’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000303′ ] in 2008, and Mitt Romney in 2012, you know, the candidates WE DIDN”T LIKE. The candidates that we had to choke down the vomit as we voted for them.

We are the ones that didn’t drink the cool-aid with Obama. We don’t believe in unicorns, and free phones. We are the ones that go to work every day, watch our kids grow up into an unknown world, fearful that we may not be able to protect them from threats such as terrorism, or the United States government. We worry how they are going to pay their six-figure student loans while working at McDonalds because they cannot get a job in thier chosen field. We are the one that feel our power as free United States citizens slipping away, like blood from an artery. While the likes of you push for “amnesty for all.”

We are the ones that don’t belong to country clubs, fly in private jets. We don’t have six-figure income jobs, we feel lucky and blessed that we actually have a job. We are the ones that are scared for this great country. Petrified actually. We stock up on supplies, buy guns and ammunition because we don’t trust the government to protect us. We intrinsically understand that the government is as much a threat to our freedoms as ISIS is. We get mocked for doing so, and get called “tea-baggers.”

We currently have a President that while I do not know if he loves this country, or God; he certainly does not act like it. Repeatedly. Mr. Obama does not appear to like us much, and from what I am reading about your comments regarding your fellow Americans, much less your base that needs to vote for you…you don’t like us much either. What scares the hell out of me sir, is that YOU sound a lot like Obama! Many of his views like immigration, and common-core are views he believes in.

Here is what concerns me about you to my core; you seem to be afflicted with the same disease as liberals, just as Obama is. You think you know better, you think you know what we, the small people need for our won good. Being full of yourself, you will implement it, like common-core, “for the good of the people.” Then you will pat yourself on the back, while we have to suffer through all the unintended consequences of your feel-good program. I cannot stand for that, I will not stand for that. Period.

In 2012 I voted for a man, while a honorable man, I did not believe in. I will not do that again. I will never vote for the likes of you. The likes of you are the establishment GOP with all its crony capitalism, and corporate welfare. When companies like GE make billions and pay no taxes there is something wrong. You symbolize everything that is wrong with the GOP. YOU!

So, to you, and all the behind-the-scenes powerbrokers, and lever pullers, go ahead, coronate King Jeb Bush, just like you did with Mitt Romney in 2012. In 2012, five million potential conservative voters stayed home and did not vote. It cost the GOP the White House. Run Jeb. Just to see how many more MILLIONS, like me, WILL STAY HOME IN 2016.

So go ahead and run Jeb, I dare you….