When will it be enough?

Recently, a Russian fighter buzzed our US Naval Destroyer, the Donald Cook. Not once, not twice, but from reports that I read 12 times, which took about 90 minutes! They passed at a level of 500 feet and 1,000 feet off the ships beam. The Pentagon called the 90 minutes of Russian flying fun, “unprofessional.” Strong. Word.

There once was a Naval code that if a captain was buzzed by enemy aircraft they would loose their command. I am sure that the captain of the Donald Cook was on the phone to the Pentagon during the extended Russian joyride. My hope is that he was screaming his butt off asking for permission to shoot them, hell, at least LOCK ON AND TARGET THEM! At least make the MIG pilots think they have to worry. I hope that was the case. I have to assume that someone in Obama’s circle knew that this was happening, if not Obama himself. That is, if he could be distracted from his more important duties, what ever they may be.

When Obama won in 2008, he told the Nation that, “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” He has done just that. He has used every government entity with a three letter acronym as a weapon against his fellow countrymen he deems as his enemies. He has driven the national debt to unthinkable levels. He has destroyed our Health Care System. He has no foreign policy, other than to weaken the United States abroad. He has more scandals than Nixon ever had. He takes  exorbitant trips, while many Americans have to cut back due the dreadful economy that has been going on for six years. He is cutting military spending when we need to be building up forces to rein in China and Russia.

When will it be enough? I am not a lawyer, thank God (yes, I know there are some good ones, I have yet to find one). Nor am I an elected official.  I am not a multi millionaire that can buy my congressman or senator’ ear in Washington, or start an effective campaign such as Soros does.

The transgressions that this President and his administration are perpetrating on this country are at least criminal, if not impeachable. He does not support the Constitution of the United States. In fact, as much as Putin is rubbing Obama’s nose in his ineffectualness, Obama rubs Congress’s nose in how ineffectual they are at controlling Obama when he runs roughshod over the Constitution!

When will someone, a group, say for example, the Congress hold this clown accountable? It seems to me that everyone is just waiting for the clock to run out on Obama. But, what will be left when it finally does? What more damage can he do to this country, and the world with the time he has left?