An open letter to Mitt Romney's "Rejoining the National Dialogue."

Don’t. Really. PLEASE. DON’T. You kinda sucked, err, “underperformed” in every way imaginable when you had hundreds of millions of dollars to “National Dialogue” with the country. What on God’s-Green-Earth makes you think we want to hear from you again, when most of us didn’t like you all that much the first time? This from one of your luke-warm supporters! Funny, is it just me, or did it seem most all of your supporters were of the luke-warm variety? But I digress.
Let me put it another way. When I screw up and say something well intentioned, but rather stupid to my wife that: a) angers her, b) hurts her feelings, or c) a combination of both a and b; then try to make a joke of it, she tells me (it’s) “too soon.” We will both have a great laugh, or medium sized chuckle in a few weeks, or months, or in a worse case, years. In your case Mr. Romney, it will always be “too soon.” As in perpetually “too soon.” There will never be a time where we Americans (at least the 47% of us that voted for you) will ever be able to laugh at your campaign. Like what an EPIC! FAIL! ORCA was. I just don’t see anyone laughing about that little gem. Ever.
Speaking of Orca. Please don’t be so delusional again as you were about Orca to think that you can enter politics again. If you are so delusional as to think you can re-enter politics, please limit it to city government. I would feel safe with you being in animal control.
There is nothing of value that you could possibly add of any great significance other than how you ran a systematically incompetent campaign and wasted hundreds of millions of dollars. The only thing you did right was to add Paul Ryan, and then you muzzled him.
I for one do not want to hear your “National Dialogue.” Please. Don’t.

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