2014: When will the Federal Government dump Federal Employee's into Obamacare?

According to FedScope, as of 2012, there are just over 2.1 million federal employees. With 2014 just over six months away, one has to ask themselves when Obama is going to dump the federal employees that he oversees (if you could call it that) into Obamacare? Like the scene from the classic movie “Jaws” where the mayor begs people to go into the water to show that it’s safe, and that the shark had been killed; will Obama dump all federal employees into Obamacare to show the country that Obamacare is “safe?”
Well, in case you never seen “Jaws,” it wasn’t safe to go into the water, the shark was very much alive, and the shark spent the day, “Eating good in the neighborhood.”

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