DOJ, IRS spying on Americans, they are the least of our problems*

* I admit that the IRS, DOJ, OSHA, and many more government entities can really ruin a person’s life. However there are a few other entities that are only too happy to hand over their data and analytics to the Government. Way. Too. Happy. They are Google and Amazon. I think we can add Walmart to. They have been getting very comfortable with the Government in the past several years. They know more about you than you do. Google reads every email you send. Every email. Word for word. They know who is on your contact lists, and what meetings you plan to attend from Google calendar.
Amazon, knows what books you like, and what products you buy.
Both companies are big supporters of the Obama administration. And I submit to you that had it not been for the brain trust of bleeding edge super geeks that Google and Amazon loaned to the Obama campaign, he would not have won. They made the difference.
The IRS flagged conservative 503c groups. Google and Amazon has the potential to flag EVERYTHING YOU DO! What books you buy, music you listen to, movies you see, and again, every single email you write. They don’t need any court order, and even if they did, like the Obama administration, they would simply ignore it.
While what the IRS did is unpresidented and very disconcerting, what Google and Amazon can give to the government should scare the hell out of every American.

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