An open letter to Reince Priebus, Karl Rove, and the establishment RNC

It is with all due respect that I write this open letter to Mr. Priebus, and Mr. Rove; I submit that you are both insane.  Mr. Priebus, I am from Wisconsin, and could not be prouder that you are the head of the RNC.  That said, you have not learned from history.  This incessant need to promote the “first looser” aka second place runner up from the previous election primary, to be the next, surprise! winner of the next primary does not work.  And we have fine failures to look to the past to: Dole, “RINO” McCain, and then the latest, “I didn’t have a fire an my belly” Romney (a fact that he enlightened us with AFTER the debacle that was his campaign).  But this is not my main point.  However it works well to show how the RNC is an incestual, dysfunctional operation.  And while you have done great work in eliminating the RNC deficit, and in fund raising, those alone will not win elections.

My main point is the RNC going with Karl “problem, what problem?” Rove’s data system.  I was not surprised that Karl Rove’s group won the contract to create a data system/infrastructure for future campaigns.  I am horrified!  What work on leading-edge, or technological leaps of IT wizardry has Karl done in the last 20 years?  As I understand it he made is bones creating mailing lists in the 70’s using Fortran and data-entry cards!  In his time the a hard drive was three-feet in diameter!  The 70’s was 40 years ago!  In IT time, that is right around the time of the dinosaurs.

This also tell’s me the the committee that choose Karl Rove’s company over the competitor (and to no ones surprise we never really heard who the competition was) are incompetent, they have learned NOTHING from the past.  Not even remotely.  They don’t understand the competition they are up against.  It’s like, as much as it pains me, the 2012 Championship playoff game between the Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco. The 49’ers owned Green Bay.  There was nothing we could do, much like Romney’s Orca. And speaking of San Francisco, there are a lot of really huge, successful IT conglomerates in San Francisco.  Maybe you heard of them, Facebook, Google, Apple to name just a few.  And then there is Seattle with Microsoft, and Amazon.  In the last election, most if not all of those companies plus many more , like Oracle, allowed some of their brightest tech Yoda’s to go on sabbatical to help out his Highness BHO.  And while I don’t know this for a fact, I bet the whole of the BHO/DNC’s tech brain trust cost the DNC NOTHING, and was paid for by their perspective employers.  They took political data operation to the bleeding edge and kicked Romney’s pathetic “Orca.”  Orca, a program, that was created by part-time staffers, and paid consultants that did NOTHING but collect a check.  Any first year computer engineering student knows that you have least have to do one life test of the system.  And as you recall that was never done until election day.  And we all know how well that turned out.

So for those of you keeping score: The best tech brains in the fricking world working for BHO/DNC for NOTHING: 50 points.  Karl Rove, a fossil, with his inbreed tech connections that the RNC will have to PAY for: -20 points.  Karl Rove, stepping on the scale while the data is being weighed, so that his chosen candidate magiclly “wins,” like the last one did.  I forgot his name, Romy, something like that: -10 points.  So DNC 50 points, RNC -30 points.

Which begs the question. Who else competed for the contract?  I heard that a tea-party based company did, but for the life of me, I cannot find who that was.  Maybe it was a division of Freedom works?

Anyhow, I am not surprised Karl Rove won the contract. It was  a given.  I think he could have shown the selection committee a cement truck and called it the best voting system ever, and the committee would have bought it.  I fear they did.



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