ORCA of Biblical Proportions

We can now add ORCA to the list of Old Testament tribulations; hoards of locust, raining frogs, eldest male child dying in the night, the earthly flood (though God said he would never do that again, but I digress).  What is happening to this country seems to be of Biblical proportions. I am not a biblical scholar, nor do I claim to be one. But I know Divine Intervention when I see it.  Some examples; I believe 12 step programs are Divinely inspired by God.  I believe that many times during the course of WWII, the Allies could have lost, and perhaps should have lost. Had Hitler saw the value in rockets, and jet aircraft, and embraced the aircraft carrier, most of the world would be speaking German right now. I believe it was this great country’s belief in God that allowed God to help us win WWII.

I believe that 1950’s was the high-point of the United States as a God fearing country.  Since then, as a country, we have deviated from God’s way. We have forsaken him in so many ways. I believe that God has finally turned his back to the United States as a county. What I do know about the bible, or at least think I know (please feel free to correct me if I am wrong), is two main points I want to address; 1. The United States in not referenced in the book of Revelations regarding the end-times, which mean this country will be of no significance in the end-times.  2. Any country that turns it’s back on Israel falters. It happened to the UK, it declined as it turned it’s back to Israel. One would be hard-pressed to say that Obama is a supporter of Israel. We may very well see the destruction of Israel in the next year or two. We are going the way of the UK.

And then there is Obama himself. Let me be perfectly clear before I go on, I am not saying, nor am I insinuating, nor implying that Obama is the “Anti-Christ.” Did I make that clear enough? Obama does not have the skills to be the anti-Christ (what troubles me is that Obama, with his paper-thin ego would be insulted if he knew I said that). If you believe in the Anti-Christ, he will have super-natural powers. That said, I am mystified that a relatively unknown individual such as Obama, could rise to the Presidency with such little experience.  He may be the instrument, used by God, to bring America to this point. Obama is the perfect storm, at a critical time, when America was tired and just wanted “Change.”  There is no way that Obama would have become President anytime in recent history, other than, actually, EXACTLY in 2008. If he ran in a time like the 1980’s he would have been quickly discarded as insignificant and ill-prepared to be President. He would have been mocked as the man that wants to be President, that doesn’t even have a real job. He would have been laughed off the national stage.

Which brings me to ORCA. For a time I worked in IT (I am now a nurse). I worked in software testing. And something does not make any sense to me, and admittedly I cannot wrap my mind around it. When you build a program, especially one that needs input from other programs you are always testing, testing, and then more testing. Then you validate the output data with the inputted test data. Once you  statistically confirm that the output data is valid, you try a small sample of real data or live data.  As you begin to grow in confidence, you increase the live sample size until you are at 100% of the sample. You also stress the system knowing full-well that IT WILL FAIL!  And it will FAIL MORE THAN ONCE! Stress-tests are never something one looks forward to, but they are invaluable to the success of the system. It appears from what we are hearing that none of the normal practices were followed. Not even the phone hotlines were tested! Then it comes out the the ORCA consultants were no more than software snake-oil salesmen! As hard as that is to believe, from the complete failure of ORCA, I can believe it.

It became clear to me that there was a cognitive disconnect of epic proportions from watching Romney and Ryan’s reaction on election night. It was clear to me that they were just as stunned as we were. These are two very smart, very capable men. It was clear from their reactions that their internal data was not matching the real-time data. Their predictions and models were not syncing. That something was very wrong. Titanic. Meets. Iceberg. Wrong.

How does a program that took years to create, and cost tens of millions of dollars, that was so vitally important to the the success of the most significant election in our lifetime, get so utterly mismanaged and overlooked? Failures of this magnitude just don’t happen. With a project like ORCA, with it’s size and scope, hundreds of thousands of event’s either had to happen, or be omitted in exactly the right sequence, at exactly the right time to completely fail. In these times of software creation it is almost statistically impossible to happen had they followed the most basic software testing protocols. Had they done just ONE stress-test on the system it would have been clear that ORCA was a complete disaster.

In my disbelief of this election, with such high stakes, what I come back to again and again is that this was God’s Will. The United States has turned it’s back on God, and now God has turned his back to the United States, and he is going to leave us to our own devices and demise. And I completely understand. That is where God’s Grace comes in and calms my heart, and my soul. I was so despondent, so broken hearted, I was falling into hopelessness. What I then realized is what matters most is my soul, and that through all this, God still Loves me and always will in all my sin and imperfection. We are only on this earth for a short time. This has been a stark reminder that my connection with God can always be improved.

Unlike Erick, I believe that this country has passed the tipping-point; that the elections of 2014, 2016 and beyond will not matter. At least not significantly. We have the same GOP leadership in Congress that Mitt Romney has in his ORCA software. It is clear that some of the darkest days this country has ever experienced lie ahead, as the decline of this country’s fortunes accelerate. But it does not mean that I have lost hope. I will fight for freedom, and the America that I love. But I will do it now with the Grace and Love of God.