The oncoming storm called Obama

Whatever the reason, whomever’s fault it is, we lost.  And we lost big.  We are a divided country that is not 47%/47%, but more like 50%/50%.  Here is what we have to look forward to in the next four years:

1. Obama leading by decree or policy and the Congress not being able to do anything about it.

2. Obama completely embracing the UN mandates; Gun control, Internet control, World tax

3. Up to three very liberal supreme court justices; Say goodbye to current gun laws and a re-visit to Citizens United, Voter ID laws

4.  Say hello to Obamacare, it is here to stay.  And it will become a huge motivator for people to vote for Democrats in the next elections.

5. The MSM is now officially  an arm of the DNC.

6. Our military will be decimated, not by a foreign country, but by Obama.  We won’t have to wait long for China and Russia to start getting cocky.  They already have…

7. What Republicans we have in the house, will start to get even “squishier.”  And yes, we will still have John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.  Nothing says “Leadership” like those two clowns.

8.  Energy?  Hug a windmill.  Warmth?  Light an Obama approved candle.  Have to get somewhere, ride a bike.

So another way of saying it; “Welcome to the United States of Europe!”  “You’ll love the vacation plan!  You get the whole month of August off, just like in the real Europe.”