My Mid-Freak-Out Epiphany

I really didn’t expect it to be this close.  I expected it to be like 1980; Reagan vs. Carter.  I really did.  Which means, to my shock, the polls were pretty spot on.  Thankfully, I live in a ranch home, so there is no ledge for me to throw myself off of…anyhow, my epiphany.  If the polls are correct as they seem to be, Romney was right; 47% are now hard-core Democrats/Liberals, and 47% are hard-core Republicans/Conservatives.  That means that six fricking percent either don’t have a clue, or don’t care, even if they do have a clue!  An analogy: if you look at one of those toilet seats that has the gap in the front (so men don’t splash on the toilet seat), you have 47% on one side of the toilet seat, and 47% on the other side of the toilet seat.  The remaining six percent are the middle that keeps swirling around the toilet bowl.

This brings me to my next point.  How can this country prosper, grow, and excel if we, as a country, are so polarized?  If Obama has proven one thing, it is that he will play one 47% against the other 47% no matter the cost to this country or its future.  And getting back to 1980.  Reagan won in a landslide because the majority of the people didn’t like Carter’s policies, the way he handled the economy, or his foreign policy.  The majority of the country wanted to get back to work;they wanted to get off unemployment.  Has this country’s work-ethic devolved into  the majority of Americans wanting a government handout rather than work?  I’m not sure I really want to know the answer to that question.

If either case is true, then the USA has deep systemic issues that threaten the future of this great country.

Tonight, I got on my knees and prayed….first I asked that God not forsake us, then I prayed for the Constitution.  I prayed for our military.  I then prayed for my wife, my step kids, and that this great country, the way we once knew it, isn’t over.