On November 6th, the mainstream media is dead

You don’t know it yet, but your days are numbered.  You have until November 6th when you will draw your last desperate gasp of air.  Your heart will begin to race as it feverishly fights to find more oxygen so it can continue to beat.  But there will be no more.  You, as an industry are done.  ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times.   You drank the kool-aid, and when your denial was wearing thin, you drank more.  You went all-in behind Barack Obama.  Hell, you got him elected!  When it was clear that he was not a messiah, you doubled-down, then trippled-down.  I have lost count of how many times, despite logic, facts, or truth, you never left him.  You never stopped giving him a pass.  You never stopped giving him an excuse, although he is a master at getting those himself.  And you accepted all those excuses without question.

If a Republican had been President the last four years, you would have ripped him or her apart like a pack of hungry wolves.  You would have been merciless.  No rock would be large enough to be unturned.  They would have had to increase the size of the White House pressroom to allow more press to attend.  They probably would have had to sound proof it too so the rancor during press conferences would not disturb the rest of Washington DC.  What would you have done if a Republican President and administration spent 850 billion on it’s closest friends and industries?  What would you have do if the unemployment never dropped below 8% for 40 straight months?  And what would you have done if the administration switched from reporting 6 month unemployment to only reporting 3 month unemployment?  What would you have done if a Republican President and administration had  so many unelected Czars?  What would you have done if such an administration allowed hundreds of guns to walk over the boarder to Mexico, without Mexico’s knowledge, only to kill thousands of innocent civilians and a U.S board guard?  Then, as if that was not bad enough, the United State’s Attorney General does everything he can to hide it, and the Republican President covers him with “Executive Privilege?”  I can go on and on; gas prices, inflation, QE (I, II, III),  Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, (Hell, ALL of the Middle East)….oh, and I almost forgot, those high paying “Green Energy Jobs!”  What would you have done?  I know what would have happened; you would have gone apoplectic.  Every night another liberal reporter would spontaneously combust, live on TV while reporting what they cannot believe is happening.

In all those cases, you would have been out for blood.  And rightly so.  You would have been doing the country a great service.  Every week would be an “All the President’s Men” moment.  Pulitzer would have have to create more awards to give out just to keep up with all the scandals and boondoggles.   What did we get, nothing.  Crickets.  Denial.

These last four years you have shown yourself for the leftists and socialists that you are.  We see you, and there is no more denying it, you crave European Socialism at the cost of our Freedoms and our Constitution.  You will not be able to hide, and we will not forget.  And when you go after President Mitt Romney with hard questions, we will ask you, where have you been the past four years?

Your credibility with the American People is gone.  Much like President Obama, your credibility is nothing but vapors.  More conservative bloggers will rise up to defend our Freedom, our Constitution.  They will show the truth to your lies.

In the last four years, we almost lost our country, and if we are not careful, we still may.  We now know where your loyalties lie, and they are not with US.  You aided-and-abetted the near destruction of our great country.  And you lost.

On November 7th this great country will rise again to greatness without you.