What I learned from last night's debate

As my teenage stepdaughter says to me when she does not like what she hears,”Oh My God!”  In feigned desperation.  My desperation was not feigned, it was real,  It was adult.  I was listening to the debate as I was driving home in my beat-up KIA, after a particularly important, yet mind-numbing mircobiology class, after having worked all day.  Ryan is a wonk, an econ-geek.  To me, he is “The Dude!”  I was expecting to hear some brilliance from him.  The problem was, Joe Biden never let him make a complete sentence.  It seemed to me that Ol’ Joe’s mission was to interupt Ryan no matter how childish it made Biden look.  After all, that is what Biden excels at.   If that was Biden’s mission, he was highly successful.  Give Joe a cookie.  With milk.

Joe was over-the-top.  In comedy, it is good to go-over-the-top, that’s where the gold is, were the big laugh is at.  Why?  Because the audience watching the bit would never dream of going there, but they are glad you did.   Last night’s debate was not a comedy sketch.  It was all too real.  The Vice-President of the United States only two options; to be the fool, the court jester, or the bully.  All in an effort nullify Ryan’s intellect and ideas.  I could not listen any longer, it was just too senseless…like a radio station at the edge of it’s coverage that is full of static.   I want to hear something, but there is just noise.  Frustrating.  There was nothing to learn from the debate.  But there was.

I’m sure each camp will spin last night’s debate as, “We won!”  I intrinsically know who won, it was Ryan.  But not for the reasons you would think.  Ryan won because he maintained is humility and his grace in the presence of a impish buffoon.  Biden proved once again that humility and grace are the two things sadly missing in the Obama/Biden administration.

Give Joe a cookie.  With milk.