Really? Romney could win?

As I has stated in several of my posts, I am no fan of Romney.  Would he be better than Obama, of course, and twice on Sundays!  But I just read a article about how the GOP is just realizing that Romney could indeed win.  Wow!  Really?  The GOP just got the memo?  Did they just stick their heads out from their bunker and come to that realization?  These are the same establishment types that did everything in their power to make sure, short of a coronation, that Romney was going to be our, scratch that, “their” guy.  After all, he came in second the last go-around, so it only makes sense, right?  That is what the GOP establishment does; promotes the first-looser of the last election.  Can’t argue with that logic!  After all, it has worked so well in the past!  And now, knowing that the establishments logic as once again, not failed them, they come to the realization, the actual realization, that the first-looser of the last election could, WIN?

The Tea-Party has done it’s best to promote and elect conservative leaders.  It is clear to me that the Tea-Party not only needs to promote conservatives, but it must, must, promote conservatives that are winners!  Candidates that know not only how to win, but expect to win!  Candidates that will fight to get the win.  We need to overturn the GOP establishment.

The idea that the GOP establishment is now coming to the “realization” that Romney can win knowing how badly Obama has performed sickens me.

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