What happens if ObamaCare passes?

Everyone, or most everyone, seems to think that at least the ObamaCare mandate will be struck down by the Supreme Court.  What if it isn’t?  What if ObamaCare remains intact?  How will the country react?  I believe with the arrogance of this President, he will be a poor winner, and gloat.  I also believe that it many ways it would be a gift to the GOP nominee (Romeny?).  The Tea-Party would be even more fired up than it was pre-2010 elections.  There would be a majority of Americans, like there is now, DEMANDING total repeal of ObamaCare.  It would push Romeny even more to the right than he has been pushed already.

Like in football games, a team should never rely on a field goal, or overtime to win.  Relying on the Supreme Court to make ObamaCare go away is much the same thing.  We need to repeal ObamaCare by legislative action once and for all!