The "Donald," the "Mama Grizzly," and the Establishment GOP

For the life of me, I cannot understand the head scratching of the establishment GOP insiders when they try to wrap their DC infected minds around the “Donald’s” popularity.  It is the same reason for Sarah Palin’s popularity.  The common denominator is this…they FIGHT!

I am no fan of Mr. Trump.  But I marvel at how he handles the media, and make no mistake, the media is in attack mode when they interview him.  He shuts them down!  I am so shocked by the media being backed down by and alleged conservative, I think my eyes and ears are playing tricks on me.

Sarah Palin is a fighter, albeit a radioactive one at that.  She has learned much since running as V.P. with whats-his-name.  I was struck by her speech that she gave in Madison, Wisconsin this past Saturday.  She took no prisoners and pulled no punches.  She was calling out Obama, the mainstream media, the union protestors that were aggressively heckling her, and the establishment GOP in Washington.

She is what we want in Washington, Mr. Trump SOUNDS like what we want in Washington.  I do believe that Sarah Palin is going to run.  I was half expecting her to announce it while speaking in Madison.  I hang my assumption on two words from her speech, “GAME ON!”  We will have to wait and see how this plays out.

The establishment GOP in Washington clearly does not get this.  They think that fighting is about compromise.  In compromise, both parties loose.  One more than the other.  And sorry, the GOP does not know how to compromise without giving the democrats both their arms and legs FIRST!  Congressman Boehner blinked when Obama would not budge on de-funding Planned Parenthood.  Are you fricking kidding me?

Our leaders have to understand that politics as usual is over.  It was over 29 months ago.  The democrats have shown us how far they will go to achieve their agenda.  We are at war.  This is a war for the future of this great country.  Palin knows this and Trump appears to know this.  When will Boehner, and the establishment GOP learn this?