The Real 99%

I never learned to read or write.

There are no public schools where I live.

No one I know has ever heard of college, let alone student loans.

I have lived with my entire family my whole life in the same one-room house; and I’ve never been more than 50 miles from where I was born.

The only running water I know of is the stream where people wash, bathe and get their drinking water.

My parents and I walk everywhere; they can’t afford any other way and there’s no way they could buy anything for me.

My winter clothes and my summer clothes are the same clothes; in a good year I can add a few layers and wear shoes in the winter.

No one in our house had anything to eat for supper yesterday; that’s not unusual and happens a few time every month.

When my dad dies, I won’t inherit anything; if I’m lucky I’ll inherit his job but, most likely that will go to my older brother.

I hope that by the time I’m 8 I’ll be  able to find a job and help my parents out; I’d give them everything I earned and consider myself lucky to do so.



I am the 99% of humans throughout recorded history . . . .