Mark Levin, Barbara from Maryland, and Dan Bongino

Last Thursday night Mark Levin talked to a lady named Barbara, a Democrat from Maryland who works for NASA. The exchange was contentious but the talk host and the caller found some common ground and Mark even sent her a copy of Liberty and Tyranny.Barbara sounds like a committed Democrat who is nonetheless a little disillusioned with vitriolic politics. She told Mark that if a Republican came to her door and told her what he wanted to do, she’d probably vote for him. I heard this exchange as I was parking my car for a Bongino speaking engagement and I told Dan about it afterward. There was a Twitter exchange about it later that evening.





One of the hallmarks of Dan Bongino’s campaign for the U.S. Senate is going to the places establishment Republicans don’t go and talking to the people that Republicans don’t normally talk to. If we can find out where Barbara lives, Dan would almost certainly pay her a visit and talk to her about her concerns. Obviously we don’t want to violate her privacy or anything like that, but since Mark sent her a copy of his book, he must know how to contact her. It seems to me there can definitely be a non-threatening way to arrange a meeting or maybe even have Dan and Barbara on the show at the same time.

I’ve pinged Levin on Twitter and Facebook about it but no response so far. This isn’t surprising because he no doubt gets thousands of @ replies daily. Setting up this meeting wouldn’t be a huge accomplishment in terms of an entire campaign but it could plant a seed for future ones. It would be a tremendous demonstration of the power of new media. Maybe Levin’s buddy Sean Hannity who is a supporter of Bongino’s and an avid Twitter user could help us hook this up. Please pass this along to anyone you know that might have a more direct way of contacting Mark Levin.

Below is a recording of the conversation between Mark and Barbara.