This Sounds Crazy

I’m not a conspiracy theory person, but I just read on Breitbart that there were 13 million FEWER votes than 4 years ago.  In fact, McCain got more votes in 2008 than Obama in 2012!  Does that make sense to anyone?  I understand the lower votes for Obama, but to me — there should have been 13 million more votes…..for Romney!  If there were in fact 13 million more Romney votes, that would mean that Romney should have eceived 54% of the vote (doesn’t that make more sense…and doesn’t that match the oversampling D theory?).  If 13 million Republican votes went “missing”  then the spread goes from D/R/I  38/32/30 to 34/38/28.  Which one is closer to the Gallup / Rasmussen model?

I know I’m probably crazy, but when you have the SEIU responsible for maintaining a lot of these machines, it wouldn’t take much to erase a few votes here an there (I can’t believe I’m really speculating this — 13 million is 10%!).  It should be easy to spot check though, just compare the total votes of a few precincts with the turnout (sign – in) numbers.

I’m sure there are a lot of statistical and logical reasons for the lower turnout, but on a gut check, it just doesn’t match what we know from 2010 and what we saw all around us.  I guess I just need to face reality.  If this deliberate erasure of 13 million votes were true, it would mean the total lack of any moral base in the Obama Administration and the Democratic Leadership.  It would mean that:

1) they would willingly violate the Constitution to achieve desired political ends;

2) that they would knowingly register illegal immigrants to vote and claim Voter ID laws are racist;

3) they would solicit illegal foreign campaign funds through a Chinese web site with no address security checks;

4) they would cover up a failed foreign policy until after the election; and

5) they would knowingly lie to the American people about the effects of their policies.

As we know that Obama and his allies are much to moral for all of that, I must be mistaken about “missing votes”.  Where do I sign up for re-education?  I need to get my mind right.

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