Are Republicans Agreeing to Confirm Robert Chatigny

Politico reports this morning that a deal is imminent for the Republicans to agree to approve of 34 of 38 of President Obama’s pending judicial nominations excepting only Goodwin Liu, Edward Chen, Louis Butler, and John McConnell. I guess that means that the Republicans are caving on the appointment of Robert Chatigny.

Redstate readers should be very familiar with Judge Chatigny due to numerous postings by Redstate Insider , Hogan and others on the outrage that this nomination caused during his confirmation hearing.  Judge Chatigny was especially egregious in the way that he intervened on behalf of a serial killer, Michael Ross, bullied the defense attorney and tried to prevent the death penalty from being implemented on this confessed killer of eight women due to his personal belief that this killer should not have even been convicted, let alone sentenced to death.

Judge Chatigny was confirmed on a straight party line vote, 11-7 (Senator Feinstein abstaining), and had very eloquent opposition by Senator Coburn.  It is hard for me to believe that he could be one of the nominees that Republicans are agreeing to approve.

For a full list of all the judicial nominations in the 111th Congress go here.  Am I missing something?  I am wrong in this?  I hope so.  He’s still a nominee and he’s not on the list of four that Republicans won’t confirm.  So the big question is:  Why not?