Why I Left California

I moved from Orange County, California to Oklahoma in 2003 and I’m never going back. Jobs were fleeing California back in 2003 due to the incompetentness of Gray Davis and I saw the handwriting on the wall.  Already evident back then was the coming growth in taxes, spending, energy costs and the corresponding loss in manufacturing jobs to the the tax and regulatory burden.  Also evident was the public pension crisis as the unions had pushed through massive increases in salaries and pensions during the post-9/11 love-in for Fire and Police Departments.

I’ve since moved for job opportunities to Nevada and Texas (where I have now resided since 2008).  What a difference!  Housing costs are 30% of California.  No personal income taxes.  Lower fuel and energy costs.  Lower insurance, vehicle registration, grocery — almost everything.  From a business standpoint — less regulation and paperwork, lower worker’s comp. and fewer lawsuits.  California could learn a lot about how to attract business from Texas.

But I believe that California has passed the point of no return.  It’s hopeless.  Bankruptcy looms.  One big reason is that California has become a sanctuary state.  Years back, under Pete Wilson, we Californians passed Proposition 187 which essentially denied all state benefits and services to illegal aliens.  We were called heartless and even racist for insisting on fiscal responsibility.  When one of our liberal courts ruled it unconstitutional, our newly elected Governor (Gray Davis) refused to appeal the ruling and it died.  It’s been downhill ever since and the flood gates opened for new illegals.

Why will this never change?  Well for one thing voter registration requires no proof what-so-ever of citizenship.  You only have to attest that you are a citizen eligible to vote. Likewise no I.D. required to vote (in fact, you can sign up for permanent absentee ballot by mail — how convenient).  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if 1 million+ illegals were registered to vote (how do you prove otherwise?). After all, this would be consistent with La Raza: “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us”.  So California — welcome to the 3rd World.