Uh Oh, Matt Lauer Has Copy of W's Book

What could go wrong?  Matt Lauer revealed on Leno tonight that he has an advance copy of George W. Bush’s new book in advance of an interview scheduled for November 8.  Even though Lauer was required to sign a secrecy agreement, this is NBC after all.  Wonder how many other news people have advance copies of his book because of scheduled interviews for the week after the election?

Surely, there are no left-wing staffers in these news organizations with access to the book.  And surely they would never consider leaking juicy morsels to blogger friends in order to help the DNC messaging machine.  The Dems desperately need to fire up their base.  Nothing fires them up like anti-Bush sentiment. I for one wouldn’t be all that surprised to see some passages that could be beneficial to the Democrat message start leaking out later this week.  The good news, Bush’s popularity has has seen a major upswing (Miss Me Yet?) and Obama’s popularity is almost on par with Bush’s.

There are ALWAYS leaks from new books.  What was W thinking by a release date so close to the election?