Lindsey Graham's Master Plan

There is growing anger directed at Lindsey Graham for the increasing number of betrayels of the Conservative cause.  However, I believe his actions are carefully orchestrated to court his growing “support base” — the media.  Senator Grahamnesty is following in the footsteps of his friend and colleague in the Senate — John McCain.  He is, I believe, most definitely planning a run for the Presidency.

With the press on his side as a “reasonable conservative” ala David Brooks and Joe Scarborough, he insures favorable press coverage during his run for the Republican nomination.  Two main facts strengthen his position: 1) Most of the other candidates will be to his right and thus split the conservative vote in the early primaries; and 2) The primary schedule favors him in that after Iowa, he has New Hampshire (with John McCain by his side) and then native South Carolina.

There are a couple of speed bumps in his planning, however. 1) New proposed rules would allocate delegates in the early primaries vs. the winner-take-all thereby diminishing the knock-out potential of winning in the early contests; and 2) Most importantly, I believe Lindsey underestimates the mood in the country (“the Tea Party will die out”).  He may be in for a major surprise in his native South Carolina.  It would be sweet if his run was ended there.

If Lindsey Graham wins the Republican nomination……..DOOM.