Revelations From the Blago Trial

I should know better, but every day I find myself shaking my head in disbelief at serious issues of corruption  and malfeasance regarding the Obama administration that the MSM simply ignores.  Let’s take the Blago trial as an example.

This week it was revealed that Valerie Jarrett really, really wanted to be U.S. Senator and wanted the appointment from Blagojevich.  President-Elect Obama called an SEIU union official to relay the message (a whole line of investigation unto itself).  Nominated Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel called to discuss.  Here’s where it gets interesting.  The judge is clamping down on all kinds of inquiry into what did Obama know and when did he know it.  He has stymied lines of questioning and he has refused to give the defense team access to the FBI / Obama interview on the matter ( one would think that the most transparent administration in history would demand the release of these pertinent documents).

All of the above is known, but not extensively covered.  Here, however, are some areas of investigation that I’d really like to see:

How many days after the Emanuel phone call to Blago did it take for Valerie Jarrett to come out and announce she was not interested in the Senate seat?  If my memory serves me correct it was only a few ( 2 -3 days at most).  This seems like a wierd coincidence.  It is almost like someone might have called Rahm and told him that his converstion turned up on a phone tap and that he needed to “back-off”.  Did Patrick Fitzgerald call Rahm?  While there is no evidence of this, the events of the next few days seem unexplainable under any other interpretation.

Let’s go through the “possible” sequence.  Rahm calls Blago to discuss “terms” for a deal on Jarrett.  Fitzgerald calls Rahm to inform him of the wiretap and to back-off thus saving the administration before it gets off the ground.  A day or two later, Valerie Jarrett mysteriously comes out and announces she is not interested in the position which we now have heard testimony on that she coveted.  A few weeks later, Fitzgerald blows the cover on the wiretap weeks earlier than he should in a Nifong type press conference — thus saving countless Democrats from being caught up in the case.

The big question, ” What’s in it for Patrick Fitzgerald?”  My prediction (you heard it here first): Director of the FBI.