SC Senate Race:What Could Have Happened?

Republicans have been enjoying a good laugh at how SC Democrats could be so stupid as to give an unknown, non-campaigning candidate 60% of the vote and the Democratic nomination for senator in South Carolina.  However, we may want to look deeper as to why this may have happened.

Call me a cynic, but we already know that special interest groups aligned with Democrats have long been trying to illegally skew the vote for their candidates.  ACORN has been cited in several states for their illegal voter registration activities as Project Vote.  There have been other cases in California where liberal latino rights groups have registered illegal immigrants to vote.  How widespread this is is unknown because no one seems to have the courage to investigate thoroughly.

As a result of the 2000 Florida recount, all states have discontinued use of the optical scan, punch ballot which served us so well for many, many years.  They have been replaced in most cases by “computerized” voting at the polling booth.  Many of these machines leave no paper record of the vote.  Problems have been many.

Now for the crazy stuff.  What if the SC vote count was computer error?  What if this error can be controlled (i.e. record a vote for one candidate as a vote for the other).  Personally, I have been worried about this for some time.  Did this happen in the SC race with Alvin Greene vs. Vic Rawl?  If so, we need to find out now!

Vote outcomes in November could be altered by systematically switching only 5% of the votes in a given state or district.  Small enough to avoid detection.  Small enough to deny Republicans the overwhelming victory which we all hope is coming.  But what if…..?  What if the votes didn’t show up in November? How crushing would that be?  Could this explain why Democrats in the inner circle seem so confident?

Bottom line — we need to investigate this SC Democrat vote situation and identify the reason why this happened.  I don’t buy all the current reasons being thrown out there.  Some one or something screwed up.  Let’s find out now, rather in November.