Obama Administration Limiting Press Access to Oil Spill

It seems that the Obama administration is coordinating one aspect of the Gulf Oil Spill response in an efficient manner — that of limiting press access to areas hit hardest by the oil spill.  This from the Huffington Post (of all places):

The chief of the Coast Guard’s public affairs programs branch said access had been hampered by a cumbersome approval process that stretched all the way to the White House.

Chief Warrant Officer Adam Wine said White House officials had to sign off on requests for tours of the spill zone before they could proceed. The Coast Guard is attempting to increase access through guided boat and aircraft tours, he said. Still, there is no plan to lift restrictions on flights or boat traffic into offshore areas – including some barrier islands.


CBS is one news organization that is making a big deal out of this.  It only seems to be a matter of time before a full revolt by the press will overtake this administration’s attempts to censor what the public sees.

The worm is starting to turn.  If you viewed the press conference the other day, it was obvious that the press is finally starting to get a backbone and treat their “chosen one” with the same skepticism that they treat Republicans (not there yet, but moving in that direction).  This is healthy and in line with what the fourth estate should have done all along.  Better late than never.