Rand Paul Part III

The other day I voiced my concerns about how the Democrats were going to distort Rand Paul’s views and try to use his statements to demonize the Tea Party and all Republicans.  Most of you have already seen the evidence of that happening.  They’ve rolled out their Civil rights icons like Jim Clyburn and a long procession of successive condemnations from Democrat leaders.  Back in 2008 I signed up to receive the Obama Machine’s email notifications so I could track what they are doing.  This is now Organizing For America.  Here is the latest from them that I received today:

Kentucky Republican Rand Paul was born a year before the Civil Rights Act was enacted, but in the past few days, he’s said repeatedly that he opposes key pieces of the law.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was an unambiguous victory in the struggle for equality in the United States. In a single moment, legal segregation in schools and public places came to an end.

But, again and again, in interviews with local press, NPR, and Rachel Maddow, Paul has said that he doesn’t support the law as it was written. He believes that businesses should have the right to discriminate based on race, gender, disability, or any other factor. When asked about whether or not he supports desegregating lunch counters, Paul couldn’t even answer yes or no.

Rand Paul needs to know that his position is unacceptable, and it will take a massive public outcry for him to feel the political consequences. Help us send a message — sign our letter to Rand Paul today.

If you think it’s ridiculous that we’re still debating the merits of the Civil Rights Act today — 46 years after the fact — you’re correct.

But political views like this are exactly why Rand Paul has become a champion for the extreme wing of his party. If he is elected, he will be their voice in the Senate — taking up their plans to roll back all the changes that we’ve worked so hard to achieve and undermine the accomplishments of those who came before us.

It’s time that Rand Paul heard from people who aren’t ring-wing extremists. We’ve written an open letter to Paul to make it clear that his views have no place in 2010. Will you co-sign with us?

It should come as no surprise that OFA as part of the DNC is sending this out to their multi-million mailing list.  It just goes to show that now is NOT the time to start counting our chickens seat pick-ups.  It is going to be down and dirty between now and November.  The socialist leaders of the Democrat Party are fully entrenched and they will fight by whatever means possible — legal and illegal.  Let’s dig in and get busy.

P.S.–Rand Paul will be on Meet the Press this Sunday per David Gregory.  I hope he gets with Demint or someone and prepares thoroughly.  Gregory will have his knives sharpened.  From Fair Housing, to Social Security and Medicare, to minimum wage, to secession.  Hope he’s ready.