Sorry to Say, But Rand Paul is Toast

I just watched Rand Paul on Rachel Maddow, I’m sorry to say that he has a firm grasp on the 3rd rail of Racial Politics and doesn’t seem to want to let go.  This will be a HUGE issue in MSM over the next few days.  While he says a lot of great things about abhorring discrimination and his support for anti-discriminatory laws for public places, he just can’t bring himself to agree with segregated lunch counters being unlawful.  His elusiveness was painful to watch.  It would have been better to be direct rather than evasive. I understand his point completely — I lean libertarian and as a strict matter of Constitutional principle, he may be right.  But a Senate race is the wrong place to have this discussion. If you think the MSM and Democrats misrepresent the Arizona mindset, wait til they get started on this.

Too bad, he would have been a great Senator.