Why "Law and Order's" Ratings Have Tanked

Law and Order has been on TV now for 20 years and will probably be back for its 21st year next season if only to set the record for longest running series on TV (beating out Gunsmoke).  It’s ratings, however, have been tanking and like heads of other media firms, executives at NBC totally don’t get it.

When Law & Order first appeared on the scene 20 years ago it resonated with the public.  Not only did it have good writing and acting, but the scripts were in line with public sentiment about a plethora of problems with our legal system.  Almost every week it highlighted some inanity about how our system of justice was being perverted by liberal, legal technicalities that bent over backwards and threatened to release the guilty.  Rulings by liberal judges that insanely threw out evidence and criticized hard working police detectives.  In the end, however, justice usually triumphed because Ben or Jack slogged through and smartly found alternative ways to convict the guilty.

These plot lines have been changed over the years.  Most scripts now do not resonate with a conservative leaning populace that were fans of the earlier shows.  Shows now promote liberal talking points and political activism more and more.  From portraying Christians as deranged believers of fiction to labelling Conservative talk show hosts as spewers of hate speech, this franchise has gotten more and more out of touch with America’s value system.

As an early fan of the show, I no longer watch it. Week in and week out it dramatizes and promotes liberal causes and political issues while dismissing conservative thought as shallow, callous and politically motivated.  From the Gay agenda to Global Warming this has become a political vehicle for the Left.  No wonder the ratings have tanked.  The Hollywood Elite just fail to “get it”.  It’s the same reason that liberal newspaper and news shows have tanking circulation and ratings.  The American public has more choices, now.  They will no longer allow themselves to be subject to propaganda disguised as a TV drama.