Is Washington Starting to Get the Message, Yet?

While most MSM pundits and politicians have no idea what the Tea Party movement and rising conservative activism is all about, it’s refreshing to see that some seem to be getting it.  I feel especially encouraged by the job that John Boehner has been doing this year.  Most of his statements regarding the bloated, government power grabs have been right on point.  Today Politico has the following comment from him regarding the mood of America:

“The American people are awake,” Boehner said. “They’re more involved in their government than at any time in our history and what irritates the American people most is the arrogance of Washington.”

This comes as close to hitting the nail on the head as anything I’ve seen.  Prior to September, 2008, most Americans were too busy living their lives to pay much attention to what was happening in Washington.  They usually relied on the recommendations and input from those in Politics and the media that they trusted and would tune in about 30 days prior to election day. 

That changed the day Lehman Bros. went down.  The paradigm has shifted.  The American people woke up and started paying attention to what was going on in Washington.  When they saw what most of their elected representatives were up to, they were aghast.  A collective “Holy S**t” was uttered from coast to coast.  They were, and still are angry that most of those that represent us, Republican and Democrat alike ( but mostly Democrat), were not doing what was in the best interest of the people and the country.  The only thing of interest was getting re-elected.

There will be some big changes this year.  We have only just begun.  We’ll purge what we can from the Republican side during primaries, then focus on retiring Democrats this November.  We may have pulled back from going over the edge during the Financial Crisis in 2008.  But what the public realizes, but most Democratic politicians don’t, is that we’re still standing out there on that ledge–and it is narrowing.  We have to get limited government, free-market conservatives elected as soon as possible.  And even then, November may be too late.