Janet Napolitano on Border Security: "The System is Working"

Remember Janet Napolitano’s famous words on the Christmas Day Bomber.  She said “The system worked.”  Well, she’s at it again.  On the Sunday morning shows and this morning on Morning Joe, she essentially said that the system is working better than ever before. She claims that in the last 15 months (since she’s been Secretary of Homeland Security), that the number of border agents are way up and that they have dramatically slowed illegal border crossings and drug trafficking.  Wow.  Hard to imagine that we have any problem at all.

Like all Democrats, the solution to our border problem is not building the fence that money was appropriated for 4 years ago.  That’s right.  Our government cannot even build 700 miles of fencing in four years! (That’s OK, they’ll be better at running Health Care).  In fact, Janet Napolitano has even cancelled remaining un-built portions of the fence that were to be built.  Probably because, in her words, the system is working so well. But I digress.  Big Sis and the Democrat solution to all of our border immigration problems is Comprehensive Immigration Reform (which is the long way to say amnesty).

Democrats and the MSM must really think the majority of us are idiots.  Why else would they think that they could convince us that the way to solve our illegal immigration problem is to make it go away by legalizing everyone currently here.