Joe Scarborough's Support of Charlie Crist

Joe has gone off the deep end.  On his show this morning he unnecessarily launched a barrage against Marco Rubio while all the while calling himself a “Rubio” Conservative.  Over the last few weeks he has come across as extremely supportive of Charlie Crist’s consideration, and ultimately his decision to run as an Independent.  He even characterized his decision today as “smart” and in touch with the mood of the voters.  How OUT OF TOUCH is Joe with the mood of the country!  Self-serving politicians who only want to serve their own political interests are what Conservatives and Tea Party folks have risen up against.  Mika was more on point then Joe was.

Charlie Crist was pathetic today on Morning Joe.  Joe was supportive of Charlie Crist and extremely petulant and critical of Marco Rubio.  The truth is that Charlie Crist’s candidacy increases the potential for the Democrat to win this seat. His message plays to the MSM’s template that radical extremists are taking control of the Republican Party and purging moderate voices.  Joe supports this template (possibly because he sees himself as fitting it).  Rather then be critical of a move that endanger’s a Republican Senate Seat, Joe chose to come off looking like an all-wise political pundit.

While Joe is the most conservative, non-Fox News personality on TV with a regular platform, I am becoming increasingly disappointed with him and his show.  Time to take down the “DraftJoe2012 Web-Site”.  Joe’s gone over to the Dark Upper West Side.