Next Attack -- Tie the Tea Party to Timothy McVeigh

Just saw a commercial on Morning Joe where MSNBC is planning on running a special on Timothy McVeigh.  It’s called, “The McVeigh Tapes”.  One of the quotes it is using from McVeigh is, “I felt absolute rage”.  It is referring to him as a domestic terrorist, which by itself is OK, but who else does MSNBC consider to be anti-government extremists?  Why do I suspect that MSNBC is not to be trusted to present objective reporting.  Could it be coincidental that this is coming out just as the Democrats are attacking the Tea Party as racist and homophobic and made up of “angry white men”?  Why do I believe that MSNBC will link elements of the Tea Party to anti-government extremism? Maybe it’s their track record.

As I’ve said in earlier posts, this election cycle is going to be the dirtiest in history.  Democrats are pulling out all the stops – from union thugs to their “friends in the media”.  2010 is a battle that will determine the future direction of this country.  There is no middle ground.  Either liberty reigns again, or it dies and America joins the ash heap of nations that allowed their freedoms and liberties to ebb away because of indifference and a lack of will.